If you have a penchant for warehouse conversions then it is well worth taking a serious look at Centaur House. This handsome Grade II listed building is home to some wonderfully spacious apartments with nice high ceilings and beautiful solid wood floors. The tall windows and building-width balconies give this structure a sleek and dramatic appearance from outside; whilst the smoky red and chrome-edged glass of its façade further adds to this impression.

There is no doubt about it; Centaur House is an undeniably attractive structure Although Centaur House is right next to the city’s ring road you will remain blissfully unaware… and this is for two very good reasons; the road itself is below ground and the building’s thick walls have excellent sound-proofing qualities Centaur House is situated on George Street just around the corner from Millennium Square. And all the city centre shops are only a short distance away.