Any property that is located in Leeds Northern Quarter is immediately appealing; simply because it is such an exciting and desirable area. Cypress Point sits with the handsome Lovell House on one side and the Mondrian style Concord Street on the other a prime position in this locale. Although the Cypress Point apartment block does not feature the world s greatest interiors or the most spacious of living quarters it does offer its tenants superb value for money and this should obviously be given some serious consideration .

Cypress Point is also very pleasant on the eye with its white and red brick fa ade and it wide glass-fronted balconies. Because this eight storey block is one of the taller buildings in the area it provides its inhabitants with some great panoramic views across the city. And adding this to the convenience of living a mere stone s throw away from some of the city s hottest stores pubs and clubs results in a genuinely attractive property.