Just about everyone would agree that there is something inarguably cool about Japanese architecture. So to come across an apartment block in this style within Leeds is a very exciting prospect indeed Enter Tao Tao which translates as way route or path is a very attractive and very unusual modern development. It sits on Mabgate east of the city centre looking sleek and contemporary yet unmistakably minimalistic. There may only be six studio apartments in Tao but these are some of the most sought-after living spaces in the whole of Leeds.

And with such beautiful features as sliding glass walls timber louvers and under-floor heating it is not at all difficult to understand why This really is a thoroughly stylish development and it is also just a short walk from the city centre itself. It s a pity that more genuinely innovative apartments like this are not springing up in our towns. Architecture such as this really is the Tao way route or path forward