Twenty Twenty is one of the larger developments in Leeds and it is home to 197 apartments. It is situated in the Northern Quarter and it is a perfect example of the modernisation that is taking place in this part of the city. In terms of looks Twenty Twenty is a thoroughly contemporary structure. It gives the appearance that its glass-filled red brick body is being supported by a row of steel struts along its base.

This may sound a little strange but once you have seen it in the flesh you will quickly realise what a clever idea this is. The interior of the building also has its fair share of ingenious design features such as Twenty Twenty s Micro-Pods ultra-compact living spaces with folding beds and a wet room . Some people might find Twenty Twenty a little too modern but it is definitely worth a closer look before you make up your mind. It is only a fifteen minute walk into town and it is also offers extra security as it is a gated development.