Whitehall Quay is a very attractive riverside apartment block with some lovely design features. Its warm-coloured fa ade porthole windows and stylish roof make it a really handsome building. The one and two bedroom apartments in Whitehall Quay have a real air of quality about them. This is a modern development with class quality and bucket-loads of style; from cool curved walls to trendy triangular balconies But the best thing of all about this apartment block is its location; and this involves three separate factors.

Not only does Whitehall Quay sit beside the River Aire but this is also a very peaceful area. And then there is the matter of convenience to consider with this much quiet it is easy to forget how very close you are to the heart of the city When you add together everything that Whitehall Quay has to offer it is easy to see why it is such a sought-after development.